Saturday, October 29, 2011

*a new bed*

~kaden is in love with his Big Boy Bed! He loves getting cozy and reading stories under the covers...yay for more cuddly time!

~and here he is pretending to be Snow White and asking me what I would like to eat ( he uses the guardrail as his kitchen). In this same conversation, he let me know he knew all the 7 dwarfs...dopey, grumpy, sneezy and gassy. Smart boy...there SHOULD be gassy dwarf!

Most random outing ever. Kaden loves these statues that he calls "those big guys" that are posed dancing in front of the Performing Arts Center. Chad thought it would be the ultimate thrill to hang out underneath the guys, rather than just seeing them in a drive by. Kaden loved it and continuously chatted about "the guys" all day. We also made a pit stop at the Big Blue Bear, since it had been a while. Nothing like spending a day galavanting around town checking out all the giant ceramic sculptures!


The snow has all melted and we had a crazy yard full of leaves to rake before the next snow comes along! Kaden was lovin *helping*.

~having a picnic with daddy in the backyard.

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