Sunday, November 20, 2011

*bits and pieces*

when life gets busy its easy to get stressed and spiral into a mess of bummed-out-edness...but it only takes a little bit of effort to stay positive. it only takes a minute of deep breathing to make me feel more calm...about 6 good ones. funny how doing less, thinking less, worrying less, having less, takes more effort than the constant sensory overload we've become accustomed to.
but even the littlest things can be pretty fantastic if you just think them so. the scope of is good.

~chad teaching kaden the wonders of turning trash into treasure. Chad has sweet dreams of turning this crazy old chest into a really cool toy chest.

~an attempt at a family portrait.

~fun with a little shaving cream and food coloring in the bath. Kaden had way too much fun with this!

~kaden with his two fave stuffed animals stuffed in his jammies so he can be "just like mommy".

~daddy and me guitars. This eukele was a gift that Mamaw and Papaw brought back from Hawaii...kaden's newest fave.

~our little turkey.

~20 weeks. my buddha belly is growing so fast, I will make a point of questioning my OB at the next appt (for the thrid time) if there is truly only one nugget in there, or possibly two or three??? Please excuse my horrific desperate need of a new 'do, but it needs to grow a wee bit longer first.


  1. You are DARLING!!! Love the bump and the hair!! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. you think you are having twins or triplets!?! holy crap PLEASE let me photograph you this time!!! and jenny i'm serious, can we talk about infant portraits?! all on the house of course! :) you look radiant and boy do i miss you and nugs!!!!!