Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Every child has their quirks. After years of working with little ones, I have come to know this to be not only true, but what makes each of them so amazingly unique and beautiful in their own way. Kaden has many of these quirky quirks, and there is one in particular that has thrown me for a loop. His objection to ponytails. Nope, I have not attempted to put his own hair into a ponytail, it is an objection to mine being up in anyway shape or form.

Ever since the little man can remember, I have had short hair. He never knew that mama once had long hair and rocked the ponytail on a daily basis. Now he has complete FITS if i so much as put my hair up to wash my face or clean around the house. He begs me "PEAS mama put your hair down", and will continuously become more and more upset and emotional if I do not follow his directives. With #2 coming into town, I have decided to grow my hair once again, so that I can rock the ponytail and make my life a helluva lot easier with low hair maintenance. I have been preparing kaden by practice runs with my mini ponytail. It has been emotionally exhausting for both of us! We spent a day at the zoo last week with his little girlfriend and my mommy friend who is also a child therapist. I told her about his ponytail aversion, and the look on her face made me feel that this is all stranger than I would like to think. We did some ponytail conditioning with him with her little girl's hair, and he had no problem with it. My friend played with my hair and pulled it back and he completely lost it.

The fate of my hair is up in the air with this little quirk of his. Am I being ridiculous letting my almost three year old have power over my hair. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

As quirky as he may be, he sure is one dancin machine! Here he is rockin out to his favorite, Old Dan Tucker (music by daddy).


  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!! that little expression on his face when he starts hoe-downing... !!!! seriously, kaden - i'm gonna explode!!!!!!!!!!! and how hysterical he doesn't like ponytails!!! hahaha i wonder what he thinks of my hair?!!? lol

  2. He is so darn cute!! And the hair thing isn't too odd - Jay used to like my hair down, too. He was so mad when I went pixie-cut on him!!! AND if I remember correctly, my sisters' son was the same way!! I think it's endearing.....

  3. how cute is he :)!! i know of another mommy who's little boy hated her colored hair and when she arrived home from her appt. he cried and cried and said go back,i want my mommy :(...and every time her hair got darker/lighter/new he was upset. nothing strange with any of this, no worries, Kaden is FINE :)...he just like the familiar best and he will get better with it.maybe he can help next time to put your hair up if it's super hilarious funny game :)...? hope you are feeling good :)! xo Jana