Thursday, October 6, 2011

*fall fever*

What is it about Fall? This year, I feel completely intoxicated by all things pumpkin, the changing leaves and majestic Aspen trees, and all things Halloween. I just want to bake all things pumpkin and apple and savor every moment. I made an amazing apple butter last week, and this week I want to tackle pumpkin butter. It is supposed to snow this weekend so I need to enjoy this short lived fall FAST!

Kaden is also ridiculously excited about the season and has narrowed down his Halloween costumes to Snow White (has been in the running since he could say those words), Elephant, a "baby" pig, Mickey Mouse, Dopey, Monkey (he has an adorable Monkey costume thanks to Mamaw and Papaw...were pullin for the Monkey), a pirate, or a "girl". He is fascinated by all things girls. I really want him to be a mini Dwight Schrute (see below), but I have a feeling that will NOT be in the final three.

~rockin out at the Pumpkin Harvest Fest with Kaden and Julia.

~Kaden's first hayride with our friends Lindsay and Julia. Julia is the cutest!

~the road to our camping spot this past be continued!

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  1. i so wanna go on adventures with you and kaden! where was the fall festival?! your blog makes me realize i need to get out more! xo