Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy 23 Months Kaden!

~rockin his new favorite tee gifted from uncle tobe and aunt kerbear.

Dear Kaden,

Here it is...the last month before you turn TWO years old. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your first year with us! Over the past month, your vocabulary has absolutely exploded and you say things that blow my mind. You still have that super sweet *pause* between words, and it makes my heart melt completely.

Some of your favorite phrases:
"Hep mama" translate to Help Mama. You love to help mommy in the kitchen!
"Dis one" This one.
"Mama work" no translation needed, but this is my least favorite phrase of yours. It's usually followed by a meltdown of epic proportions.
"Oh No"
"Mama/Daddy wake up PEAS".
"Happy" Not a phrase, but a word that you enjoy chanting at various times of the day, which is adorable.
"Happy to you daddy" On daddy's bday, you came up with this on your own in the middle of dinner, and it may be one of my most favorite moments in all of your 23 months.

Your laugh has gotten so much louder and has a sweet ring to it.
You have a sweet shyness about you around people you don't know.
You love Yo Gabba Gabba.
You give the most amazing hugs.
You bump your head at least a few times every single day.
and you melt my heart about 16,000 times a day.

I love you!

your mommy

~Colorado or California?


  1. Jen you are soooo amazing! This is beautiful and so touching!! What an amazing Mom and happy person you have become! I have been watching thru the years as your life has developed and become complete. Kaden is soooooo cute and looks just like you.. He is one lucky boy to have you and Chad as parents. It makes me so happy to see what a treasure he is to you. It makes me SO SO Happy to see you so HAPPY!!
    xox Donna Nonna

  2. IDAHO!! Lol! I love it! He is so, so beautiful, Jenny! What an absolute blessing! I always have mixed emotions on my kids' birthdays. I love that they grow and change, but it all happens way too fast! Squish, squeeze and love him all you can!!