Saturday, November 27, 2010

thanksgiving birthday!

My birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, which was such a special treat. I got to do so many things I love on my bday....drink wine, eat as much as humanly possible and be with loved ones!

One thing I neglected to mention in my previous *Thankful* post was how thankful I am for my incredible In Laws! How lucky am I! Not only did I marry the coolest person on the planet, but I was blessed enough to marry into incredible family!

We spent Thanksgiving at Aunt Gloria and Uncle Larry's gorgeous house up in the mountains in a place called Allens Park. Their house is absolutely beautiful and the view is just amazing! It was unbelievably COLD, it was around 10 degrees and the wind chill took your breath away, but after a glass of wine or two all was good.

Here are some fun pics from the day!

~posing with his buddy jack.

~bumps with TT Suz

~not too excited about the hot tub in 8 degree weather.

~say cheese mamaw!

~the sexton boys

random sweet video...I love his little high fives he gives to everyone.

kaden was so excited about the hot tub, until he got in, and then I suddenly felt like an abusive parent.


  1. oh stop! the pic of kaden with the camera - obviously my favourite EVER - so refrigerator worthy!! LOVE IT!!! also, this entire thing reminds me of my kind of thanksgiving with family... card games and kids of all ages - and i love that you were in the mountains!! so awesome! have you been to any of the hot springs yet?! oh jenny, GO! take your family there for a bday/holiday/new home celebration ASAP!! ;o)

    what a blessing you are, little turkey! so much love.

  2. glad you had a great birthday. We always celebrated my Grammy's birthday on Thanksgiving, even though it was 11/27. We asked if she would rather have a cake than a pecan pie and she always said she loved it. Her favorite was having all of us there.