Sunday, December 19, 2010

pre christmas.

This weekend we had a *dress rehearsal* for christmas for the little man, and celebrated with Mamaw and Papaw, Uncle bri and Aunt Suz, and all of the Sextons! Since Brian and Suzanne are going to be in Washington for the holidays, we celebrated a wee bit early. It was a wonderful day and definitely felt like a true holiday for me. Since my mom has passed, it's been difficult to feel the spirit of the holidays over the past decade or so...but thanks to a certain little fellow, the magical feeling has returned times 1000! Kaden was ecstatic and overjoyed over all of his gifts....he opened each and every thoughtful gift with wide eyes and was so sweet to everyone, giving them each a big hug and saying thank you (sometimes to the wrong person, but hey...who doesn't need an extra hug).

~father and son matching cute are they?

~The Sextons!

~Uncle Larry and Aunt Gloria

~singin christmas carols with aunt suz.


~Suz and the snuggliest pup on the planet.

~why did I never know Elefun existed? This SO would have been my favorite toy as a child!

Papaw and Mamaw got kaden his very own train table....what a happy little boy!

~kaden immediately hopped on his train table and fell in love at first sight.

~and to all a good night...

~he of course helped out a BUNCH with putting his new kitchen together with caleb and David.

~and played a tune with his favorite buddy Jack.

~and as much as I didn't want to post this because I thought my bootie looked strange, I know someone who has the sweetest lil bootie I have ever seen. He's "helpin mama", his new favorite thing to do....especially when water is involved.

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  1. the matching shirts?! forget it - too much! and is he serious with that cute naked bum doing dishes?! how do you not burst with squishiness everyday having him around?! sheeeeesh!

    and p.s. kaden would've LOVED my pop-pop's house on christmas. he had about a dozen miniature trains and the whole town... it was quite a sight! the neighbours would come to visit just to see our train setup.