Sunday, December 12, 2010


~kaden completely frozen by fear.

~flashback to last year's classic "who the hell is THIS guy"?

There is something about the idea of going to see santa that I'm just not sure how to feel about. On the way to meet Santa, Chad and i talked about creepy the whole thing is that it's perfectly fine to set your precious little one on some creepy old man's lap. The main purpose being to capture the moment on film. I understand as they get older, there is so much more for them to be excited about with santa. This year, I just have been so excited to share with him all of the magical aspects of xmas, that I felt like santa had to come as part of the package deal.

We took him to see the santa at Bass pro shops. They have a crazy winter wonderland set up there, and word on the street was that this particular santa was the cream of the crop. Not sure about all of that, but I definitely think half of denver was there to say hello to the bearded fellow!

I was pretty sure kaden was going to be scared to death of the man, so at the last minute before we went up, I bribed him with popcorn. I am amazed at how well this bribery thing works for a two year old!

~mama stayed very close by in case a meltdown ensued.

~annnnnnd back to being a happy boy!

~he fell so in love with this train cap.

~checking out the fishies

~watchin the big boys have a "snowball fight"

~adding this to the list for santa!


  1. Kaden was very brave. We stood in line for 45 minutes last Saturday with Jason's little guy and when the time came to actually sit on his lap Bryce had a meltdown. Even when his Mommy sat on Santa lap and tried to get him to come close he hollered for me to help him. Jodi went through the same in Cincinnati. Anna shook with fright and when Jodi tried to tell her Santa looked like Papa she said "Not my Papa!" Will did finally get close enough to tell him what he wanted for Christmas, but said Santa was scary!

  2. hhehe, shut up! he puts the train cap on backwards. he's got so much flavah i can't stand it! throw up some "deuces" for me - heart you, kaden!

  3. p.s. last year's classic "who the hell is THIS guy?!" is priceless and perfect... but i hear ya... isn't it odd that we subject our children to lap time with a strange old man in a red suit for the sake of photography?! personally, i think it's a travesty on my profession, but i wonder how much they pay?!.... hahahaa j/k j/k