Monday, November 15, 2010

my daddy has blue hair.

I feel so blessed to have a husband that stands up for what he feels is right and is not afraid to be an individual. I have overheard people commenting on his new hairdo and I am amazed at what I have heard, it says so much about where we are as a society. Women dye their hair every color possible, have botox and work incredibly hard to look just like the airbrushed cover of a magazine, yet a man dying his hair with a temporary haircolor is completely outrageous.

One of the most important values I believe we can pass along to our children is the value of diversity. What better way to develop an appreciation for diversity than through exposure. My hope is that he can learn to connect with people on a deeper level and not be presumptuous of the *outside package*, as my sweet mother used to say. The differences among us truly need to be celebrated, and not frowned upon because they don't fit into the *status quo*.

My wish is for my little man to be inspired by his incredibly genuine and amazing daddy and to accept himself and others for all of their beautiful colors, shapes, sizes and circumstances. Tolerance is the key to love in my book.


  1. kaden is so lucky to have the two of you as parents. what LOVE. i can't even think of any other words. i just feel blessed to know you. <3

  2. Awesomeawesomeawesome! Love this!! I am in tears.....