Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy 22 months Kaden!

Dear Kaden,

As I always mention at the start of your happy birthday are you ALMOST TWO?????!!!! It seems like just yesterday you were a tiny nugget, and now you are truly a little BOY. I struggle to remember those first moments of gazing and the way you felt in my arms. Now I notice the way I am completely out of breath and panting heavily after I've carried you up three flights of stairs.

You are by far, the coolest kid I know. You have this communicating thing DOWN, and i LOVE chatting with you! Your favorite word is *dere* and it seems to mean "this one" or "that one". You say it all the time, and you sound ridiculously sweet. You love to talk in two and sometimes three word sentences, and there is still that dramatic pause between words. so sweet! you amaze me with your incredible little will mention things we saw days ago, and most of them I will already have forgotten.

You are so caring and compassionate. Whenever someone is crying or sad, you always make sure to go over and check on them. Sometimes you get super empathetic and just start bawling too!

You absolutely got the artist gene from your amazing daddy. You love to color and LOVE the drums (ummmm, how could you not? There is an arsenal of drum equipment in the house), guitar, bass, piano, and you love to color and create stuff. I have introduced fingerpaint to you a bunch, but you just love to have it poured out on the're not a fan of the actual painting. And because you are such an artist, you have taste, and NO time for mommy's singing voice. No matter what song I say NO! You love to JUMP and throw and kick balls around the house, outside, in the car...wherever!

You love to test limits, especially with mommy! Daddy says I need to be firmer, but yeah we both know that is highly unlikely. Your tantrums have gotten a little longer and a bit more unbearable, but mommy and daddy know that is par for the course.

Daycare continues to be a struggle. It has been almost a month now, and you still don't like it very much when we drop you off. When we pick you up, you always tell us about the fun that you had, so we know that you are not completely miserable there! Mommy has started to look into other options for when you hit the two year old many more options for you then!

you are an absolute joy sweet boy!

I feel so blessed to be your mommy.

I love you!
your mommy

"tack-down" or another word for *tackle*. Possibly your 2nd favorite word.

~playing at the childrens museum with daddy.

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