Wednesday, February 24, 2010

you say goodbye, and I say hello!

~still loving his valentine's balloon

Kaden is absolutely loving waving hello and goodbye to just about everybody and everything....even when he is crying and completely exhausted or upset about something, there will most likely be a wave and some sort of closure, whether it be with a person, a total stranger or an item or toy. And if that weren't precious enough, he has this new little smile that he pairs with the wave and it is sure to make my heart melt everytime. He tilts his head back a little, squints his eyes and grins so that you can see each and every crazy tooth cutting through! Why do I not have a picture of this? Coming soon....I just thought I would write this blog as a bit of a teaser!

The title of this blog post is from a beatles song that my Mom used to love to sing all the time. I catch myself singing it all the time to him whenever he goes on a waving spree, and it makes me smile and think that she is singing it too.

In other big news, our plans are moving fast for our big exodus out of California! Kaden and I will be leaving on a flight out of LA on May 3rd, followed by my Dad and Chad and Brian with all the stuff. I think me and Kaden got off pretty easy, don't you think? We are excited and nervous about what lies ahead, sad to leave the wonderful souls that have crossed our paths here, but also confident in knowing that this is the best decision for us.

~kaden the little dinosaur

~kaden giving us the "all done" sign that he is finished with the swing!

We had tried to teach Kaden a few *baby signs* a few months back, just to give him another way to communicate. I didn't want to teach him too many, but just the basics. Well, he just thought I was hilarious everytime I tried to teach him the sign for *more* he would just crack up. A friend reccommended that I try showing him the dvd Baby Signing Time just to teach him the basics. After just watching it a few times, he was signing *more* all by himself when eating, saying *all done* and doing the sign for *fish*. These dvds are mesmerizing for little ones, and I actually love watching all the babies and little ones too, they are too cute! The only negative would be that the songs will be stuck in your head for days.

`playing basketball with daddy

One of many things that I dislike about being so far from home is when someone is hurting or in trouble at home, and you feel completely helpless being so far away. My Grandma B had a stroke a few days ago and is in the hospital recovering. These are the times when I wish we could live closer. Were staying positive and sending all our love and hugs and kisses across the miles to you Gram! WE LOVE YOU!

Grandma meeting Kaden for the first time~


  1. So sorry to hear about your grandma, Jen! Sending 'get well' vibes from Texas for her! And, I love your little bit about thinking of your Mom singing the Beatles song along with you - so sweet! Kaden continues to warm my heart with his cute little self. Please work on getting that picture for us that you're taking about! :)

  2. baby signing time sounds soooo cool! :o) you kick ass at being a mommy!