Tuesday, February 9, 2010

don't I know you from somewhere?

Kaden always loves to play in the mirror. We have a few mirrors around the house, and one basic full length mirror behind the bedroom door. We always make a point of plaing with him with the mirrors, but on this one occasion, kaden played by HIMSELF in a mirror and it may have been one of the most hysyerical things I have ever seen! We were over at our dear friend Farrah's house for the superbowl on Sunday, and while exploring her new apartment, kaden stumbled upon her huge mirrored closet, proceeded to play with the little boy he saw smiling and laughing at him! I really wish I had our camcorder there with us, as it was the cutest thing, and pictures just don't do it justice! He played for what seemed like forever, and then he would crawl around the corner, only to come back and surprise the little boy in the mirror! It was the sweetest thing to watch!

Kaden also has become a huge fan of CHEERS! Not the show, but clinking of the glasses. He doesn't like to drink water out of any of his various sippy cups (I have tried every single brand there is!) so we have been trying to teach him that after you *cheers* you get to take a drink. While watching the super bowl, we practiced our *cheers*.....see below!

~kaden with his super bowl outfit in honor of The Who performing...


  1. LOVE the who tee... and "cheers" is one of liams faves too!
    cute pics!

  2. He's too much! Of course he would think that the smallest things would bring the best things....wonder what set of parents taught him that? ;)
    Your hair looks gooooooooood! Tell Farrar I said hi! xoxoxoxo

  3. ohmygodohmygodohmygod!! he IS too much!!! the mirror pics are delightfully entertaining, but no match for being there in that moment, i'm sure! how precious. i adore him and YOU!! Cheers to Kaden!

  4. As always............ such adorable pictures and a super sweet post! The old fashion toy of "mirror" is almost as good as "box!" And, I love the "cheers'ing" pictures.... that is just too cute! Love your 'do, Jenny - you look great, Momma!!!