Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines day!

I took this picture over a month ago, with the intent to put it on valentines day cards for everyone.....the program I was trying to make them with was not playing nice, so unfortunately they never got made!

Valentine's day was super low key, as it usually is for us Millers each year. Neither Chad nor I are huge fans of this hallmark holiday, but I do love the premise of a day to celebrate love. We had a few ideas on what to do with kaden today for our celebration of love, but sadly the little man has been feeling under the weather all weekend, so we played it pretty low key.

I made the mistake of thinking I might be able to do a little valentines day photo shoot with kaden this weekend....big FAIL! It's not nice to have photo shoots when someone is under the weather, and kaden seems to have outgrown my idea *fun photo opps*

I think this is the only one that he may not be screaming in...

oh and this one

*Mommy, if you don't stop taking pics, I am going to hit you with this crazy lollipop thingy!

We started off with breakfast at our favorite place for breakfast, JINKYS! Chad and I used to spend loooooong mornings there when we first started dating, since it was right around the corner from my old apartment. The food is ridiculously yummy and going there always brings back so many fun memories of our early days.

Afterward, we had fun with kaden's new favorite activity....throwing clementines in the pool! We have a clementine tree that arches over the pool, and kaden loves throwing them and hearing them go PLOP!

we also wanted to go to griffith park to play, but took a detour and went to visit the horses first.

kaden wasn't too sure what to think of tell you the truth I wasn't too sure either! Horses have always scared me a little. They seem like such wise and fragile animals, and oh so powerful. I tend to get a little jumpy around them, and I get a little unnerved looking into their eyes....

We had planned on feeding them, which was the whole purpose for going, but we left there after just petting a few....I think we were all a little nervous to feed them.

~playing with the balloon we got for him.

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  1. what cute outfits! love the first one with the tie!