Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 14 months Kaden!

~playing with daddy's hat

**This post was started weeks ago, and was put on hold with the passing of my sweet Grandma. I want to write a post for her, but thought I should go ahead and publish this one first, as it has been sitting here waiting patiently for the past few weeks.

Dear Kaden,

Mommy is writing this a little bit late due to the chaos that has ensued with trying to get everything together for our big move!

And speaking of *moving*, you are moving all over the place! You are becoming an expert walker, and when you do fall, it is with absolute grace! We are still working on finding you the perfect you the perfect pair of walking shoes, and because of this you have been sporting Robeez for some time now. You would much rather be barefoot and show of your precious little toes, and you seem to be most comfortable in your walking ability barefootsied too.

This month you also started communicating up a storm!!!! You have a collection of about 7 or 8 words.....mama and dada of course. ba for ball, mooo for moon, ba baz for blueberries, more, byebye and hi. You also love to call the kitties over to you by tapping the floor! But mommy's favorite is when you agree with something or you want to say YES and you bob your head up and down so hard tha your entire body moves with may just be the sweetest thing I ever did see.

You have certain things that you LOVE to eat. Hummus for instance. What a random thing for you to love! We found an Edamame hummus at our beloved Trader Joes and you are completely addicted to it. The other two things you love are bread and cheese, which makes me think perhaps you were a French man in a past life? Not sure about that, but it is definitely a struggle to sneak the veggies and fruits in around your cheese and bread feast.

You completely despise having your diaper changed and getting in the carseat has become a new battle these absolutely love your freedom! No doubt about it.

You love to wave hello and goodbye to anyone and everyone. Even if you are upset about something, or not happy with the way a situation played out, we are still sure to get a wave. Or a HUG! You give the most tender and sweetest hugs I have ever had, and what's even sweeter is the way you pat the hug recepient's back as you snuggle close. It melts my heart everytime. Just the other day, you blew mommy a kiss goodbye as I left for work, and mommy just could not have a bad day after that, it was nearly impossible!

You are growing SO fast Kaden! I just want to scoop you up and tell you to just slow down a little, so I can cherish every single second. Every giggle, every step, every head are the purest joy I have every known. I am so grateful for you sweet kaden.

I love you,
your mommy

~how has it been a year since you had this precious toothless grin?

~here is mommy's attempt at trying to recreate that photo shoot from a year ago in your new bamboo outfit

~just look at the little buttons for east access on the tushie!

~playing at the park

~coloring while standing on mommy's leg sans pants.

best friends

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