Tuesday, January 12, 2010

summer in january

The weather here has been BEAUTIFUL! It has been in the 70s and 80s for the past week and we have been getting outside as much as possible, taking advantage of every moment! Over the weekend, we went for a little hike in Griffith Park, and played with some new little friends. Kaden absolutely LOVED this crazy fun roller slide, total sensory overload!

Here's what kaden wanted to do while I was trying to nurse him in the backseat of the car. Such a distracted little people watcher...just like his mommy.

Kaden received a ginormous birthday gift from Uncle Tobe and Aunt Kerry and the kids. We don't actually have a picture of it, because we truly have not needed to *actually* set it up yet! It is an inflatable castle ball pit by Little Tikes! Truly an amazing gift, and we know he will absolutely LOVE it when we take it out of the box and set it up...but right now, there is no need, when he is incredibly happy playing in the mailing box with all the balls. Eventually, when we rearrange our tiny apartment, OR when we move in a few months to a more spacious living space, we will bust the castle out and he will enjoy every minute with it! For now...he is in love with the balls and the box!

practicing his rasberries

here he is in his fort.

I sure wish he enjoyed playing in there a little ;)

I have started giving Nugget bigger bites for meals....in hopes that he can next start practicing with the spoon! Here he is practicing eating a whole nugget all by himself. The last pic is my favorite!

Kaden also went for his 1 year doctor's appt yesterday. It was pretty awful to say the least. He had to have three shots, the MMR, the chicken pox, and the H1N1. He should have also had the Hepatitis shot, but thankfully our pedi said she could cut him a break and give it to him next month. Maybe it is because he is older, and he understands pain more, but this was absolutely terrible. Watching him cry, his face to bright BEET red and hyperventilate (for what seemed like 30 minutes afterward) was absolute torture.

Here were his 1 years stats!
Weight- 20.5 lbs
Height- 29 inches

We tuned his car seat around last week, after a lot of going back and forth about it. I have read a lot about Extended Rear Facing and I know that it is the safest for the child to be rear facing for as long as possible. But for us, Kaden would get so incredibly anxious and MAD when he was facing the back, that the stress it would cause mommy and daddy while driving was equally as dangerous. We turned him around, and he is a totally different little backseat driver. He could not be happier. I was even happier when our pediatrician reaffirmed my opinions about it.

and lastly...I will leave you with the little man strolling around balboa park. We took his little walker there, and he had a ball with it!


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  2. Your Kaden is beautiful too. It's funny because our sons share the same name and I'm a New Years Baby too.

    I'm jealous of the 70 to 80 weather:)

  3. :) Must admit, I lurk your blog too!!!

  4. yeah... whatever with your gorgeous southern california weather! bah. still icky and cold here. hehe ;o)

    love this blog and that last pic of kaden with food coming out of his mouth... classic.

  5. cute blog!
    kaden is adorable... so funny, he and liam have SO many of the same things! either they like the same things.. or their mommies do!!

    i see you are in L.A. how do you like how our january summer has turned into flooding?!?

    stay dry!
    :) kari