Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Wednesday

We all laid low for this long weekend, so I am feeling like a horrible mommy that I don't have any super cute new pics of my little guy! Kaden had diarrhea for three days, and Chad was feeling really under the weather, so we just stayed cozy and warm at home for most of the weekend. On Monday, I wanted to get Kaden out to do something fun, being that it was the holiday and I had an extra day off with him. We *thought* it might be a cool idea to check out another indoor playground we had heard about in Eagle Rock, since it was a rainy and cold day, and the park was out of the question. We braved the rain and set out for PeekAboo PlayLand. Silly me, and I thought we would be the only mommy with this great idea! We met up with our friends Hanna and Mike, and unfortunately, about 3,000 other wild and crazy little ones. The whole thing was a little overstimulating for little kaden, and we spent the majority of the time upstairs in this little balcony area they had as a safeplace for the little guys. We did some MAJOR people watching and only managed to get into one or two rumbles with some other less than supervised maniac children. I brought my camera and had hoped to take pictures, but my hands didn't leave the little man at any point in the adventure.

So, since I have a shortage of fun new pics, here is *truly* a RANDOM Wednesday post featuring random videos and pics...

Kaden the musical wonder....

introducing kaden to the wonder of mulberry pizza..

we set up his ball castle and he is a little skeptical about why there it seems we may have stolen one of the toys from the indoor playground...

Mommmmmmmmm....will you PULEASE stop tryin to snap a photo of me with my hoodie up lookin all's just not my style. But I will go ahead and eat this block that it seems I have been knawing on for months.

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  1. omg. i can't even stand the look on his face at the pizza place. !!!!!!!!! too much !!!!! also, i'm so lovin the "small fry" shirt. you guys are some kickass cool parents, man! i dig you.