Monday, January 25, 2010


~even with his owwie, he still can manage that amazing little smile

My poor little man has been hurting, which is why I haven't posted in a while. He has had a double ear infection and a sore throat, and his fever got up to 103. We started him on antibiotics on thursday, and were hoping he feels like himself soon! I can't imagine how painful it must be for him, and it absolutely breaks my heart.

It's also been raining for DAYS! Like El Nino rain, unbelievable amounts! It is beautiful and everyone knows I intensely adore the rain, but los angeles is so not prepared for rainstorms of this nature. When they built los angeles, someone forgot to put gutters in the streets, and everything just completely floods with the smallest amount of rain. Even so, it was incredibly beautiful and made everything GORGEOUS! So many amazing rainbows and everything actually looks green! We even got blessed with a few thunder and lightning storms which is a rarity in this neck of the woods.

~we spent so much time looking out this window watching the storm....kaden seems to love them as much as mommy.

we spent a lot of time inside, we had to get a little creative with his ball crawl and have all of his *friends* join him.

Yes, he is still wearing his sock monkey xmas jammies. He looks adorable in them and I REFUSE to put them away. It's been so cold, we have layers of socks on his footsies in the mornings while we hang out in our jammies. He is so smitten with this blankie from Jennifer. Here he is pointing at Big Bird...

and then just like that...the rain cleared up and we had the most GORGEOUS weekend! We spent both days at the park and could not be more grateful for the beautiful weather!


  1. I've been MIA on my blogs lately and in that time - OMG - our little Kaden has GROWN so much!! He continues to be one of the cutest little guys I "know" - and I love the playground pictures! His hat is adorable. And, the pic of you two looking out the window at the rain is priceless! I can't believe it's been a year already. I was just looking at his birth announcement on our kitchen bulletin board this morning and it's so amazing how quickly they grow!!