Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Wednesday

Kaden was a little social butterfly this weekend! He went to lunch with the girls on Saturday and on Sunday we had a visit from our friend Gina and her beautiful little 3month old, Trevi! We also got a new "ride" for Kaden, but it hasn't been taken out of the box yet, as we are trying to justify the price tag, so if we decide to keep it, I will be sure to post about it soon.

So many fun things coming up this week!!!!! We are SO excited for Mamaw and Papaw to visit this weekend! On Monday, I am going to see New Moon (thank you to my amazing sister in law for getting me addicted to the series during my pregnancy days), and I can hardly even stand the excitement. Kaden is going to stay home with daddy now that we have a handle on the sleeping situation. And on Wednesday, for my birthday, Kaden and I are going to DISNEYLAND!!!! Tickets are outrageously expensive right now, and since Kaden is a wee bit too young to really enjoy the experience, and will probably only last a few hours, we are only going because I get in free for my birthday, and that is why only he and I will be going. I am so excited for him to show him the happiest place on earth!!!!

Our friend Gina and her precious little Trevi came down to visit us from Fresno this weekend. Kaden was absolutely smitten with Trevi and showed her how to use all his old toys.

~came home and saw his exersaucer put back together and immediately crawled underneath to play hide and seek!

~givin us the side eye

~uh oh

~having a blast in the tub.

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