Monday, November 2, 2009

happy halloween!

Kaden had a fun first Halloween! I was a little bummed that there were unusually ridiculously hot temps in lala land, preventing kaden from wearing his entire spider costume, but I think he was much more comfy this way! He only wore his lil spider outfit for about five minutes I actually can't believe he managed to keep the hat on for THAT long!) After we played with his friends Shyla and Dreyvin for a bit, we played at the park, our usual favorite saturday afternoon hangout! When the sun went down, we went for a stroll through our little neighborhood. Because we live in a neighborhood of movie industry people, there were some FANTASTIC Halloween set ups in so many yards! People in this neck of the woods tend to go all out for this holiday, even more so than Christmas! We took some pics of a few of them, mostly for my brother who loves Halloween more than any soul I know!!!

Kaden's buddies Shyla and Dreyvin!

high fives for daddy

and finally into cozy clothes for our walk!

it was such a beautiful night with a gorgeous full moon!

kaden and simon lookin out for trick or treaters

halloween outfit #1

attempting to do some yoga in the back of my car!

the hallowwen outfit our sweet neighbor got for him!

chad's favorite pic...I think he wishes he had a pair of these pants for himself!


  1. so cute! My little guy had the same Halloween Costume - although we were a spider without the hat because as soon as it went on he threw it off!!

  2. That's one little "spidie" I wouldn't mind finding in my house!! He looks adorable! And, my gosh I can't believe the Halloween displays out there! So fun!! It's fun for me to see what age Kaden is for each holiday because it gives me a great idea of where we'll be next year with our little one! :)