Monday, November 23, 2009

Big Changes

Many of you know that we have been mulling over the possibility of moving for the past few months....many more of you probably DON'T know this because we wanted to make sure we really thought over all the possibilities objectively. After having a ten year love affair with California, we are ready to say goodbye. There are so many reasons, and I don't know if I could adequately even BEGIN to describe them in this short blog post. We knew that we could not provide the sort of lifestyle we want for Kaden living in Los Angeles. So we thought about our options, being closer to loved ones, being in a more financially stable situation, and living in a city where there are more OPTIONS! Being that my family is in New York and most of Chad's family is in Denver, we were feeling torn. It was a difficult decision, but in the end we decided Denver would be the best option for us right now! We are not planning on making a move until the springtime, but for right now we are just really excited about the possibilities....

Mamaw and Papaw came for a visit this weekend, and we thought it would be the perfect time to tell them the news. This is Mamaw's expression when we told her!

We took Mamaw and Papaw to Travel Town, since Kaden loved it so much the first time, and Papaw has an adoration for all things trains!

bonding with papaw....

cozying it up with mamaw and papaw

our little early thanksgiving dinner

standing like a big boy! he was so involed with what he was doing, he forgot to hold on, and stood on his own! He looked so proud of himself!

Cheers to California! We got to enjoy this incredible sunset at our favorite beer garden in Venice as we celebrated the final decision!


  1. Best of luck to you all!! Such a huge decision, but I think in the end, a wonderful one. At least you'll be a liiiiiiittle closer to NY (and a lot closer to TX)! I love that sunset, btw!

  2. omg omg omg. i can't wait to see kaden in his kyle orton jersey! ;o) heheheheheheheheeeeeeeee i'm so so so happy for you miss jenny!! this will be amazing and you will LOVE denver!!!! really. so much love to you and i can't wait to follow your journey! xo

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I'm so excited for you! We LOVED living in Denver. YOU are going to love it, too. (you're making me consider further to relocating back...shhh, don't tell!) AND, this means we may actually get to see each other in person because we visit at least once a year. I'm so excited for you!!!! Best of luck to you and the big change and move. Even though you have family connections, feel free to reach out to me as we still have lots of connections there to help in many ways. XOXO!