Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy 10 months Kaden!

~10 month photo shoot FAIL!

Dear Kaden,

DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!! The big 1-0!!!! I say it often and I will say it for the zillionth time, it's going sooooo fast! It's so hard for me to imagine that you were once the swaddled little bundle that seemed so fragile and delicate! Now you are a ginormous little BOY, still so delicate and vulnerable, yet stronger and more WILLFUL than I have ever known!

These past months have been awesome, and I truly LOVE watching you come into your own! This month you started talking incessantly, saying lots of babababahs, puhs, dadas and mamas though I don't think you are intentionally calling us by our names, not just yet anyway! You are such a mover and a shaker, there's just so much exploring for you to do! I would not be surprised if you are walking by the holidays, but I would like it if you waited just a wee bit longer...I want to savor Baby Kaden! Please do not grow up SO fast!!! You love exploring the kitchen cabinets, taking everything out and putting it back again, and you strive to spend all day long in the refrigerator! There is just something about that ginormous white box that you are truly smitten with...when we can hear you crawling over to it and we close the door before you get there, you let out the saddest little howl I have ever heard! You have this beautiful and silly little grunt when things don't go your way, and it melts my heart everytime I hear it.

This month I have learned to be more present with you. I struggle so much with balance, and being a working mommy is truly one of the most difficult challenges. Thankfully, being at work all day, allows me to truly cherish every second I have with you, and for that I am grateful. So many times, over the past few months, I have caught myself playing with you and have had an overwhelming sense of guilt because I am thinking about something on my to do list, or something that happened at work, when I should actually be just savoring that very moment with you! I have been conscious of this, and I notice that our indescribable bond grows even stronger when I cherish those moments and just "be" with you.

You LOVE to laugh and your giggle is something that should most definitely be bottled up and sold to millions. Your new favorite game is hide and seek, and you have this crazy love for all things DOORS! You are still a HUGE lover of books, but you prefer to turn the pages yourself, and you love the peekaboo and pop out books the best. I'm sad to say that you are kinda over Goodnite Moon...I guess that's what I get for reading it to you ever single night for the first 9 months of your life. But seeing you look up at the gorgeous full moon last night, staring at it with such wonder, lets me know you "get" the powers and beauty of the moon.

You have become a little independent eater! You will not eat anything unless it is fed to you by your own precious chubby fingers. With the exception of a huge distraction, or a new fun toy to play with while eating, mommy's homeade purees are a thing of the past. Tofu dipped in cinnamon and avocado are your favorite foods! We have yet to introduce chicken or meats, as we were deciding if you would be happier as a vegatarian, but I think we decided against it and will hopefully start chicken sometime soon...yummy won't that be a treat!

This was the month that you got your first real cold, and it was awful to watch you suffer! Even though you were congested and you could tell you were uncomfortable, your spirit always shined. You were cured by lots of snuggles and cuddles from mommy and daddy, and simon even lent himself as a pillow for you for some extra TLC.

Please don't grow up too fast little man! I love watching you grow, but you will always be my baby!!!

Happy Birthday sweet little angelboy!

I love you,
your mommy

I love his little neck rolls!

We went to the park on your b-day with the Boceks!

we closed balboa park and Kaden got to enjoy one of his very first sunsets

and last but not least.....Daylight savings kind of took its toll on Kaden! It was a looooooong day, especially because he woke up way earlier than usual, and by the end of the evening, he looked a little crazed as he ate his dinner. His little 10 month sticker took QUITE the beating.


  1. Jenny - these monthly "love notes" to Kaden are just adorable and will be SO nice to have/look back on through the years. I love reading his monthly updates as much as I like writing my weekly "prego" updates!! :) (I used to see so much of only you in him as a little, little guy, but now that he's getting older, I'm seeing more and more of Chad and realizing how much of a perfectly even mix he seems to be of you both!)

  2. Jenny, watching that video made me so happy! I just had the biggest smile on my face watching Kaden learning to "play guitar", and copying Chad and then giving a high-five! He's so smart! I need to see you guys soon before Kaden grows up!

  3. Oh my goodness!! Watch out, he's a natural musician! Thanks for making me smile almost as big as that adorable little boy.