Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Nine Months Kaden!!

Dear Kaden,

Today you are NINE months!!!! The past 18 months have been nothing short of extraordinary. The nine months that you were on the inside were scary, curious, exciting and filled with so much suspense and sleepless nights! The nine months with you on the outside in our wonderful world, have been incredible, amazing, touching, rewarding, and oh yeah...filled with many sleepless nights as well! It is a different fatigue than I have ever felt before, and I feel absolutely blessed with this feeling. Somehow through my sleepy eyes, things seem to look a little bit clearer and I appreciate the simplicity of each and every moment, more than I ever have before. or maybe that is just an added bonus of mommyhood...

This month has been a doozie! You are learning so many new things! You are officially a little motorin movin machine, crawling all over the place and just about to pull yourself up to a big boy stand! You absolutely adore standing in front of the screen door and banging your tiny little hand on it, as if to say "look at me everyone! I'm a BIG boy!" You are forever curious about the kitty food bowls and the litter box (my worst nightmare). You have had your share of bumps and bruises all over your precious little face, I think they bother mommy more than they bother are just so resilient!

You absolutely love to sounds like you are saying dadadada and tat, which we figure is Cat! Mommy has been practicing saying mommy 43 different ways so hopefully one of these days you will catch on! I won't hold it against will come. You also love to say aaaaahhhhhooooooah and tatatattata, and we have the most stimulating conversations!

You love to eat just about everything we give you, but you are completely smitten with Puffs! Some of your other favorites are pears and apricots, pumpkin and your Yobaby yogurt!

This month, you learned about your musical talents, including the bongos and the amazing zxxylophone that mamaw bought you. You also went to Guitar Center with daddy and absolutely loved it! You spent a lot of time in the park on the swings (your favorite) and you heard your first Sonic Boom when the shuttle landed. You love your books soooo much, especially board books where you can turn the pages yourself. You absolutely LOVE the pool and all things water, including your Baby "Neptune" Einstein dvd which is all about water. You have outgrown all your 6-12 month clothes, and mommy even started buying you 18-24 month sizes! You have four teeth and two more coming, you love to sbuggle and of make me smile each and every day.

Happy nine months to my beautiful boy!!!!

your mommy


  1. these precious notes to kaden bring tears to my eyes. you are such a magnificent mother, miss jenny!! <3

  2. what a sweet letter! he will treasure these as he gets older... :)