Tuesday, September 8, 2009

recession proof toy

Kaden has been bursting out of his infant carseat for some time now, and I was going back and forth looking for the perfect "big boy" carseat for him for months! He hated his infant seat so much, that I was determined to get something ultra comfy for him. After so much amazing feedback from everyone, it seemed in our best interest to go with Britax. I went back and forth about which style to get, and settled on the Marathon when they were having a crazy sale on Diapers.com! I really wanted to get the Cowmooflauge print, but Chad being the animal rights lover that he is, felt like it was disrespectful to cows. Insert smiley emoticon here, because that is one of the many reasons I adore this man! So we went with the Black Onyx instead. The chair sat in our living room for about two weeks, and we finally had a chance to get it in the car. It turns out that Kaden is not a HUGE fan of this seat either, I think he is against the idea of being restrained in any way, he is too much of a free spirit!

here he is munching on a carrot...his new favorite teether.

I can't believe how tiny he looks in this humungous seat!

So even though he doesn't LOVE the carseat, he sure does love the box! Daddy helped make windows in his new fort, and he could not be happier in his box.

sharing the fort with his "brothers"

sloooooooooow down little man. You are growing up too fast!

showing off his new BamBam tee.


  1. Aaaaadorable! He IS growing up too fast - he even looks bigger/older than your most recent post before this! And, he's already into playing in forts - sheesh! Listen to your mama, little guy, slow down! Let me know how you like the Britax seat!

  2. Oh, Jenny. Your boy is- thankfully- just like his Mama. As a woman who often notes that she can find joy in lint, Kaden has been blessed with the ability to find all the joy life has to offer in the simplest of treats. Look how cute you are laughing at him as he explores life!! I wish I could meet him already- HE GROWS SO FAST. Every time I see pics I can't believe how fast this baby is growing up! Luckily, the advice to enjoy every moment of it is wisdom you have gained years ago- I know you are sucking up every juicy little moment of it all. Lucky boys in your life.



  3. I love the new "toy"! I'm sure my guy would be very jealous of Kaden.

  4. he totally is a free spirit, OH EM GEE! Also, I love what Miss Mandy said up there!!! I have never met you and I know you are the kind of soul that finds joy in lint. and that is why my soul loves your soul.

    Loved this entry!!! REEEEEEEAAAAALLLLY hope to meet Kaden for his first birthday!! xo