Saturday, September 26, 2009


Kaden could seriously live on Puffs alone. He adores them and makes the sweetest little sigh when he sees that I am getting the can. It's precious. Even more precious, is the way he holds one wrist with his other hand while he eats them. And just the way he CHOMPS on them.....the cutest thing you ever did see. OK, enough gushing, see for yourself....


  1. Cutest thing I ever did see!! I'm totally going to show Matt when he gets home. I love how he spends so much time and energy "chewing" with his four teeth.....ADORABLE.

  2. AAAHHHHH!!!! this kid always makes me smile. your blog is my "i need a quick pick me up and reminder that everything will be okay" place to get away. ;o) i love his mohawk! hehehehe. and i love your lil mommy voice. "pufffsshh" aaaaaahhhh!!!! so squishie.