Monday, October 12, 2009

sniffles and pumpkins

I'm so sorry for my lack of posts lately! Poor little nugget has been feeling crummy, congested and super snotty for the past few days. He has been moany and in need of lots of hugs and kisses, which we have been happy to smother him with! We decided he needed some fresh fall air, and we bundled him up and took him to his first pumpkin patch! He loved the pumpkins and he kicked his legs and waved his arms around when we went over to the little petting zoo. We didn't actually go inside, since we were worried about his cold, but we stood outside and pet the little lambs through the fence. He smiled and chatted it up with them.

We took him on a little wagon ride through a neighboring pumpkin patch that was a wee bit on the creepy side. There were all these weird little characters around that I wish we would have gotten more pics of....but this is an example, this creepy chicken, or maybe it's a rooster?

he loved this ginormous pumpkin, which we had to snap a pic inside of...look closely!

Chad thought it would be a great idea to let him have some crazy sensory stimulation and let him go to town on the inside of the pumpkin....he loved it! We put some plastic down on the floor and put an old sleeper on him, and just let him go nuts (with mommy beside him, of course, trying to keep him from putting the pumpkin seeds in his mouth!).

and here is his very first Jack-o-Lantern that he made!!!! (with a little help from daddy)

Oh!!! and a milestone happened yesterday! He stood still for a whole three seconds without holding on to anything! That is, until mom screamed YAY!!!!!!! and scared him to death....mommy needs to quiet it down a notch when praising the nugget.

We also a had a visit from the wonderful Jen Sally from Roch-cha-cha! It was so awesome having her come play, she is such a natural with Kaden and he absolutely adored her. She was on an amazing adventure traveling around California, and I'm so grateful she had some time to come play with us!


  1. love this. lovin that chad said "crazy sensory stimulation" (or maybe those were mommy's words - either way, more reason you rock!) hehehehe. i love this last picture too, your eyes draw me in. you look so peaceful, so fulfilled. the role of mommy clearly suits you perfectly, lovely miss jenny! xo

  2. p.s. chicken/rooster = definitely creepy. and YAY KADEN! 3 solid seconds standing!