Wednesday, April 13, 2011

*spring has sprung*

~super happy boy.

Spring has sprung in Colorado and we have been enjoying every minute of the outdoors! Chad wanted to venture over to his old neighborhood where he used to live and go on a hike. Chad had given me a tour of the different neighborhoods he had lived in when we visited a few years ago, but this one looked completely different to me now. The neighborhood is a part of Littleton called the Ken Caryll Valley, it backs right up to the mountains and the valley is incredibly gorgeous. We have been scoping out neighborhoods for where we would like to buy in a year or so, and this one just jumped to the top of my list!


~I swear we must have seen 20 deer up on this trail. And they were super friendly and approachable. Kaden refuses to call them anything but *reindeer*.

check out the deer just chillin in the parking lot behind kaden on the left!

~you see that white house below us in the distance. yep...I will make you mine beautiful house. oh yes!

~notice he had "enough" of his backpack? Makes a great butt rest though!

We spent last Sunday welcoming home Aunt Gloria and Uncle Larry from their winter escape to Florida. We had a BBQ at Mamaw and Papaw's house and kaden could not be more thrilled with all of the love and attention.

~papaw giving kaden his first tat.

~givin unk bruh some love.

and some linky love for friday, the thrifty edition! If you have not heard or tried Swagbucks yet, I urge you to do so! It is powered by Google, so all you have to do is download the toolbar and use it as your search engine, you get the same results as if you were to use Google! I have earned 200 dollars in Amazon gift cards just in the past year for doing this alone. There are tons of other ways to earn to, so your chance to earn gift cards and treats is even higher! Click here to get started!

For all the Mommies/Daddies that aren't sure what to do with clothes that your little ones have outgrown, yet they are in really good condition, check out ThredUP! I am so in love with this site! I just sold three boxes of clothes and it was too easy! The mailman picked my boxes right up from our front doorstep! I normally like to donate Kaden's old stuff to Goodwill and ARC, but when I need to find something for the upcoming season, it's a way of making a nice swap with someone else. And they have toys too!

And these daily deal sites are amazing, so many great deals to be found!
Zulily This one is my favorite! Definitely one to check out!
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Deal Pulp
No More Rack These are awesome deals, and they sell out early!
Heartsy This is an amazing site if you are an Etsy addict like me!
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