Tuesday, April 19, 2011


~fun coloring Easter eggs with nugget.

Such a little ham...

Kaden has always been obsessed with the moon...I think it was the first real word he said other than Mama and Dada. Our dear friends, Mandy and Jeff sent him this incredible Moon night light for his room, complete with remote control to see all the different phases of the moon. Mandy told him that sometimes if we look close enough, we can see our furry friends looking down on us from the moon. Completely made me misty and warmed my heart. He will not go to sleep unless he gets his moon "just right".

~just a wee bit excited.

~my camera cannot do it justice, but I don't think there is anything calmer than this sight when I say goodnite to mr nugget.

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  1. I'm finally catching up on your bloggy! Nugget is just darling - I love his curls! Such a big boy - coloring eggs. I love the moon idea, so precious! What a clever way to show understanding about the loss of your sweet kitty! Love you and happy Easter! See you soon! :)