Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have a thing for wings. I love to believe that my mom visits us often in the gift wrapping of a bird, and I sometimes feel butterflies are angels in another form. So it makes sense that we would take a little trip to the butterfly pavillion after we said goodbye to our sweet little simon. I just wanted to feel close to our angels....kaden, on the other hand, was super bored with the "angels" and wanted to focus on the cockroaches.

~kaden refers to him affectionately as "the big guy".

~butterfly was giving mamaw kisses on her shoulder.

~checkin out the turtles.

~really mom? I think you hyped up butterflies a bit.

~he loved the cockroaches more than anything. lovely.

~favorite part in the whole butterfly pavillion was this beanbag toss thing.

~just about...

over it.

and as I mentioned, my Dad and Jennifer tied the knot this past weekend. They were together 15 years, and finally decided it was time to make it official! Sending you both mad love and best wishes for a beautiful next chapter!!!

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  1. oh stop. this made me cry. my mom visits me in the form of butterflies!!!!! and would you believe my nickname is "bird." shut up, the connection just keeps getting stronger! i LOVE the Butterfly Pavilion but i love even more that kaden was so disinterested LOL! so fun to watch him grow through your words and this blog! i love your soul so much, miss jenny!! SO MUCH!