Sunday, October 17, 2010

handsome boy.

Kudos to daddy for putting together this super cute outfit for a day with Mamaw! So preppy!

It has been so long since I have had a chance to post, so I thought I would just throw a few fun randoms out there...

*Kaden is obsessed with Snow White, the movie. We haven't introduced him to movies at all yet, but in our bedroom we have a little tv with an old vcr. Since Snow has always been a favorite of mine, I thought he might get a kick out of the seven dwarfs. Now he demands every single day, sometimes 2 or 3x, to see the party scene with the dwarfs and Snow. He dances around the bed like a dwarf with the craziest grin on his face. It is incredibly cute.

*Kaden eats a piuece of string cheese every single time we go to the store. Eating is one of the things that allows him to sit in those super uncomfy grocery carts without having a meltdown, and I usually forget a snack, because i am *that* mommy. It's a horrible habit I have gotten into, especially because more times than not, I forget to shell out the 40 cents for it. One of these days the Target security cameras are going to tell me I need to pay them 96 dollars for all the missing string cheese or it's off to prison I go.

We attempted to go pick pumpkins this weekend. I messed up in researching pumpkin patches and the one we went to was not all that fun. We may have to go on another little adventure next weekend to a "cooler" pumpkin patch.

~deciding on a pumpkin is HARD work!

I can't believe I have yet to post about our trip to see the circus come to town! I am not a huge fan of the circus, clowns completely creep me out, and I am against their unethical treatment of the animals....but we do like TRAINS. The circus was coming to Denver on the largest Steam Engine train in the country, and when Mamaw suggested we go say hello to the train, we had to go!

~this pic was posted in The Denver Post...hilarious that this photographer took so many super cute pics of kaden, and this is the one they ended up posting. The train was coming and kaden wanted to hang out and sit on the tracks so that he could have the best view. This is him after I had to pull him off for the 90th time.

~kaden checking out this MONSTER sized steam train...the pic doesn't do it justice. It was GINORMOUS, the largest one in the country.

~kaden bumped into his friend George!

~waiting a little over two hours to see "the parade". Thank goodness for yummy sweet potato fries to keep all of us happy!

~and THIS was basically the "parade" that we waited so long to see! A few elephants strolled down the street and went into the Coliseum. Mamaw and I were a bit dissappointed, but I think all of kaden's expectations were met and then some!

~checkin out "the parade"

~talkin pumpkins with mamaw.

~jammin on some band's drums at the fall festival.

~just like daddy.

~playing a song with papaw.

~and then with daddy....

Celebrating Mamaw's Happy Birthday!

~helping mamaw blow out her birthday candle!

~happiness is staying up late and riding your bike up and down mamaw and papaw's driveway.

~storytime in kaden's favorite place in mamaw's house....his little toyroom!

~desperately wanting to reach mikey at the top of the kitty condo


  1. OMG OMG OMG - i love that you got that pic in the denver post! you both celebrities, now. wow. i love that the photographer chose that image! especially knowing the story behind it! so cute. also, i love the image of kaden and the kitty and holy crap - LOL! "the parade" hahahaha, what a let down. i love that you captured it all. you are a great storyteller, miss jenny. xxoo

  2. p.s. don't you love Denver's weather?!?! shorts in october. just wait, you'll be wearing ugg boots in april at least once.

  3. kaden is SO darling!! I love his skeleton shirt :)