Monday, June 7, 2010

much to be smitten with...

~trying to give big hugs to all of his friends

We spent this past weekend at mamaw and papaw's house and had such a good time! Chad's cousin David came down from Ft Collins with his wonderful wife Natalie and their sons Jack and Caleb. Jack and Kaden became BFFs and bonded quite a bit. We are looking forward to hanging out with them more now that we are so close!

~mamaw showing him how to fill up his bucket to help her water her flowers

~might need to work on your aim a little buddy

showing off his tushie after a diaper change outside

~papaw indulging him with his newest obsession, Trains. He would spend every moment he could with papaw's collectible trains if he could. He woke up in the morning and immediately looked at me and whispered "choo cho".

~jack having a heart to heart with kaden in the bath

~the amazing view from mamaw and papaw's porch

~happy birthday to Caleb!

~jack and kaden swinging around, not good quality pic, but I love the way the mountains look in the back

~saying byebye to his buddy/cousin Jack

~mamaw goin for a ride on bri's new toy

~yogurt finger painting on a hot day

~rockin cousins jake, nick and ryan's shirt!

We spent the day Saturday in the pool at Mamaw's place. Of course, I forgot all forms of camera, but luckily realized I had stashed the Flip away in the diaper bag to shoot this little diddy. In addition to this big boy pool, there is a baby pool that is one and a half foot deep. Kaden absolutely loved it and bounced around like a little fishie, until of course, mommy took his eye off him for one second, and was more than an arms length away, and some little boy cut him off and he fell forward, for what seemed like two minutes face forward. So scary! He was absolutely unphased but of course I was like, all done with the pool! As you can see from this video, he was right back in moments later having a good time with his cousin jack and daddy.

Kaden is just so in love with his Uncle BRAH. He gets so happy whenever you even so much as mention his name.

~sharing snacks

~checking out uncle bri's new toy

The sunset was completely unbelievable that evening, and sadly my little point and shoot camera could not capture it. Here's the best it could do...use your imagination.


  1. the sky is on fire!!!! i love it. and i love seeing the mountains and i can't wait to see YOU!! <3

  2. p.s. my pop-pop LOVED his trains.. we had like, 7 or 8 sets set up in the basement at christmas. it was a child's dream, that house!