Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy 17 Months Kaden!

~running at the park. you are learning to run, and have a body full of black n blues and bruises to prove it.

Dear Kaden,

this is your first birthday letter that i am writing to you in our NEW HOME! We have lived in Denver for almost an entire month, and even though we have hit a few bumps and curves in the road, our souls all know we belong here. raising you with so much love around you, in a world where nature is cherished and valued, and a place where kindness and authenticity are the norm...that is the world I have wanted for you, and now you are soaking it all up.

your sense of humor astounds me daily. you know exactly how to make others laugh, and I adore hearing that sweet little laugh of yours, it makes my heart smile like i never knew it could. no one quite makes you laugh like daddy, and it is melts my heart to watch the two of you together.

you amaze us daily by pointing out things around you and naming them. and even more so you love for us to walk around and point out things to YOU, if we stop you do your precious little hand sign and shout MORE, as if you are super thirsty for knowledge. you’re so smart. please always remember that being smart is cool, and you can be whatever and whomever you dream.

you insist that all cats are named Mike which we find hilarious. The one word you have not learned is CAT, and you simply refuse to believe that the name for these furry little creatures is *MIKE*.

your favorite things right now are throwing rocks and leaves into any sort of body of water (even the gutter with a tiny bit of water has been a hit) just to watch it float, dandelions, all things Elmo, the moon, rainbows (sound familiar? mommy adores the moon and rainbows too....someone has been brainstormed!), daddy's drawings (we have a collection of both of your drawings that we started when you were just 4 months! I may have to do a post about that later this week!), TRAINS....you are fixated after papaw introduced you to his amazing trains, and anything at Mamaw's house (Disneyland ain't got NOTHIN on Mamaw's house!).

while I do miss holding you in my arms as a tiny little baby, i love watching you learn and seeing through your eyes as you grow! i love when you take my hand when we go for a walk, the way you say MaMA so assertively when you are trying to get my attention, our storytime just before i tuck you in when you are cuddling with me in the rocker. you're getting big so fast and i am just so proud of you.

sometimes i can’t believe you’re ours. you are more than i could have ever imagined in a son and i hope you always know how grateful and honored i am to be chosen as your mommy.

happy birthday you amazing little boy.
i love you.

your mommy

~brushing your teeth is quite possibly the highlight of your day.

~first try at spaghetti...i don't think you liked it one bit.

~your daddy and uncle bri showing you how to juggle

~kisses from TT Suzanne!

~you love to run from one end of the couch to the other...endless entertainment for all.

~petrified of Uncle Brian's pool...just look at that fear in your eyes

~contemplating mamaw's pool

~thanks to the invention of the noodle...you are a little fishie now. mommy has no pictures of you frolicking in the pool, because i was too busy wading in the pool up to my waist in my jeans.

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  1. can he get any cuter?!?!? jezzuss! loving that ur loving ur new home...but missing u terribly!