Friday, June 18, 2010

chillin with nuggie

I could definitely get used to hanging with my little man instead of working full time! soaking up these moments with him, and our lazy days at the park together. he is talking so much lately, and some of the words he says I feel horrible when I'm not altogether sure what he is truly saying. he loves for you to point at things and explain them to him...and then he likes to go back and review everything he has learned, saying the words back to me. he is just so thirsty to learn!

Right now his favorite things are all things choochoos, headbutting (BUMP! that's what he says) things/people, and all things Elmo. Poppy gave him an Elmo doll right before we left cali, and he now takes it everyone and anywhere, causing me to panic that he will drop it somewhere and it will cause a complete and utter meltdown.

There is this incredible park in Littleton called Bellview park. They have a great ChooChoo train that goes around the park, a little petting zoo/farm, a huge airplane that sits off the ground, two playgrounds and an amazing little creek that all of the kids wade in (some new little friends were kind enough to show us the little fort they were building for their crawdad friends.)

~a little skeptical about the ride on the choochoo

This is the coolest park right near Mamaw's house. Mamaw and i took him over there one afternoon, and he was absolutely smitten with the splashing fountains!

~straight up drinking out of the wading water.yum.

~for our rainy day adventures, we love the choochoo at the barnes and noble next door!

~the fun indoor kiddie pool at the rec center...we spent HOURS in there! This is the only pic i could get because my lens got all fogged up with the steam from the pools.

~lovely 4 hour nap on the floor with the little man.

~thanks to mamaw and papaw for watching the man so that chad and I could play and explore denver the proper way...happy hour!

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  1. love the four hour nap photo! did papa miller take that one?! love that you are drinking mountain water aka coors light. maybe we can tour a brew factory while i visit?! perhaps new belgium in foco or we can always do the coors factory! oh jenny, i just love that you are in my old stomping ground. big love to you!