Friday, March 19, 2010

saying goodbye

I wanted to take a moment and say some words about my sweet Grandma that passed away last week. It completely breaks my heart that I cannot be in NY for the memorial and be with my family to celebrate your incredible life. Kaden was fortunate to have met her one time (when he was only five months) so I wanted to be sure that he has a place where he can go to read how incredible his Great Grandma B was.

Grandma was an incredibly unique soul. She had an energy that made total strangers feel completely comfortable and relaxed around her. She was hilarious and would always make you laugh, even if you were feeling completely down and under the weather, she would raise your spirits in a moment. Her house was always fascinating to me....all of the amazing treasures she had brought back from all of her travels over the world, her collections of bells and spoons and the comforting smell of Grandma which followed her where she roamed...which was really the scent of Tabu, which will forever remind me of Grandma.

Grandma had an amazing journey....I am so grateful that I was able to have her as my GrandmaB. We will miss you Grandma. Till we meet again.....

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