Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a very white first christmas

Happy Happy Holidays everyone! After an agonizing week of sinus and ear infections, and a mean old doctor telling us that we could not take Kaden on an airplane with his ear infection, we got the *all clear* from our REAL pediatrician to go ahead and let Kaden experience his very first white christmas! These are just a *few* highlights from the trip!

Everything and everyone was so wonderful, and if ever there was a doubt in our minds about making the move to Denver, we pushed them aside after this trip. I won't write too much, since after sorting through 30 videos and 800 pictures, I have pretty much spent my entire work day putting together this post. I realized that I don't know how to turn the *soundtrack* to the blog on off, so if you want to hear one of the videos, just go to the bottom right of the blog and push the *stop* button on the jukebox.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and had a chance to relax, celebrate, eat great food and be with the ones that you love. Cheers to a spectacular 2010!!!!

watching the airplanes take off!

playing on the disgustingly dirty floor at LAX

It's mindblowing how beautiful a shiny payphone may look to an almost one year old!

seeing snow for the first time!

watching the snow fall at the denver airport

what the heck is THIS stuff?

paying close attention to mamaw's authentic version of Frosty the Snowman, not mommy's butchered version...

meeting all of mamaw's santas!


uncle bri showin him how it's done

sledding with mommy

*my favorite picture out of all 800 photos*

sledding with daddy

Playing the piano, but wanting something a lil more his speed....

rockin daddy's old this is more like it!

Christmas day

Christmas day with the Sextons ~Kaden had so much fun meeting his cousins Jack and Caleb.

fun with uncle brian.

We had a little bday celebration in honor of Kaden's first bday approaching...we made him a huge cupcake and was hoping for a lot of messiness and debauchery. Not so much.

oooooh fire! pretty.

awww man...why did you blow out my candle?

so I'm supposed to stick my hands in it like this?


mamaw gave him a little taste of the frosting, and he straight out gagged. Then he was over it.

caught trying to sneak a beer.


This is only a *small* section of the enormous fort mamaw and papaw bought kaden for his birthday present! It's so big we couldn't take the whole thing with us! He absolutely LOVED it!

daddy teaching kaden how to play pool.

Meeting his new friend Lyla. Kaden thinks she's so pretty, Lyla is not too sure about him.

Kaden was also absolutely smitten with Lyla's daddy, which could explain poor Lyla's standoffishness. Kaden threw himself in Tom's lap within a moment of meeting him and could not tear himself away from him the entire night.

Christine playing peekaboo with Kaden.

playing with suzanne

the stairs were a huge hit...
both coming up,

...and sliding down

Mamaw's amazing Christmas village...every little detail and every precious figurine placed with so much love! I like to think that late at night, when everyone is asleep, all the people come to life and sing and get their groove on.

playing with mamaw

rootin for the Broncos

eating puffs with uncle bri and suzanne

snuggly matching jammies Aunt Gloria made for Mamaw and Kaden!

I'll always be a party animal....

I so wish we took a video of this but the Flip was all filled up at this point! We were delayed a few hours at the Denver airport on the way back to LA, and Kaden was overjoyed to practice his walking skillz while holding onto the stroller! He walked in circles with that stroller for about an hour and thought it was the greatest thing in the whole world!


  1. aahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! i'm overloaded with squishiness! this kid. AACCCKK!! i don't know what i love most - the fact that now you'll have to be a broncos fan (YESSSS!!!!), that AMAZING trainset/christmas village that reminds me of my youth, kaden's fearlessness, his eyes of wonderment, that favourite pic of yours, the pic of the three of you, the fact that this kid makes my soul smile - how can i be so bias about him and his awesomeness?!, his sweet skillz - both walking *and* jamming on the piano (LOOOOOVE IT!), his utter disdain for frosting.... - i could go on and on....

    and OH! lucky Tom's lap! ;o)


  2. just came across your blog and i loved reading about your lil kaden! what a cutie!! i agree about denver too - such a fabulous place:)

  3. Hi Jenny-
    I'm very excited that you and Chad are moving out here, Karla is over the moon about it! I can't wait to meet you and Kaden! BTW, I was just checking the message boards on The Bump and came across one from you ~ what a small world!

    Anne (Karla's friend from school)