Monday, December 14, 2009

Meeting Santa

Yesterday was such a fun day! It started off with a Christmas brunch at Margaret and Miguels house (Kaden's daycare providers). It was such a nice time and so much fun to spend time with some of the other mommies and daddies and to see all the little ones in action together! Miguel is an absolutely AMAZING chef, and we absolutely stuffed our faces! We rode in Daddys truck, and it was such a treat to have nugget behind me facing forward in his carseat. He looked so HAPPY! It is not reccommended to have babies ride facing forward until 12 months and in my car, I plan on going as long as possible with him rear facing, as it is more of a safety issue, but he definitely loves facing forward and being part of the action! Because of Chad's truck and the way it is laid out, he needs to face foward. I don't worry so much about him facing forward in Chad's truck cause it is basically a TANK and he doesn't drive on the freeways with him and basically only goes shot distances. I took a slew of pics of him riding behind me yesterday, partly because I couldn't get enough of him, and also because I wanted to capture his new GREEN eyes, or at least they looked super green yesterday! Bye bye Blue!!!!

We started getting Xmas presents wrapped and Kaden loved going through all of our andom Xmas stuff! Where on earth we got so many red, green and white balloons, I have NO idea! But they certainly made for a fun day. Kaden can't get enough of his balloons!

After playing with all the Xmas stuff, Kaden took a late nap. The problem with late naps, is he gets super annoyed and groggy when he wakes up and usually has a tough time going to sleep at bedtime. He slept FOREVER and we were nervous it was going to be too late to visit Santa, and knowing that next week would be absolutely chaos at the malls, we decided to gracefully wake him up. Everyone knows you should not wake a sleeping baby, and the few times I have, I've experienced the wrath of Kaden. So daddy decided to go into his room and quietly serenade him with his electric guitar. The look on his face was priceless, and I'm so mad I didn't get a picture of it! He stood up and looked at him in absolute wonder, and was not cranky one bit. So we got him ready, and we were off to the mall, which of course was a madhouse. Santa apparently took a smoke break and there was a sign on his chair saying he wouldn't be back for an hour. So we thought for sure, he would be annoyed (kaden HATES the stale mall air!)and would have a meltdown when it came time to meet the man. So we waited and daddy took him on a ton of escalator rides (his new favorite), and we stood behind the sweetest little boy in line to meet santa. He was one month younger than Kaden and super sweet. Santa finally came back and we were almost ready to meet him! We watched the little boy in front of us go and sit on his lap and scream in absolute TERROR! I felt so awful watching this little guy and it took everything I had not to rip him off the scary mans lap! I decided that if that happened with Kaden, we were not going to wait for the photographers to take 2 dozen pics of him screaming his head off....we would snap a quick one and off we would go! To my surprise, it did not go that way at all! Kaden was absolutely content sitting on this strange bearded man's lap and was curious as can be about him! Chad had to shoot this video from afar, because they had strict rules about camera/video use, but you can see how calm and content he was! Chad started shooting just after that little boy calmed down after a whole 6 minutes of him losing his mind, but you can see his little traumatized face. There's also a few pics that Chad attempted to snap from a million miles away that didn't come out nearly as good as the overpriced mall shot!


  1. omgsh, so many things to say. 1. I love kaden's green eyes! nice choice of shirt too, mommy! LOVE the first pic!!!! 2. hahaha "santa went on a smoke break" LOL!! 3. I love the pic they caught of him looking at santa. classic. 4. I love your blog 5. is it just me, or does kaden have the best hair ever?

  2. (sigh) Be still, my heart..... Jen!!! How completely perfect is that picture of the little man and Santa!! So much wonder in his face. This looks like a professional Christmas card that you'd buy in the store - it just doesn't look real. I absolutely love it! GO KADEN for being so brave and friendly! Love the car seat shots, too. Green eyes would be gorgeous, let's see if they hang around!