Thursday, December 17, 2009

bounce bounce

There is a sacred haven for little ones and their parents in Silver Lake, it's called Naya's Garden. The wonderful Boceks introduced it to us about a month ago, and the first time we went, Kaden and I were completely smitten! We went on a Friday, when the music man was there, and Kaden stared googly eyed at him the whole time. He absolutely LOVED it, and loved all the fun instruments they have out for the kids to play. Chad took him yesterday for their daddy day outing, and met up with Mike and Hanna and the lovely Mama Bocek! Yay Mama Bocek for having her camera and taking AMAZING photos!

his "wings" on his lil do are so out of control! I couldn't help but put a lil santa hat on his head with the help of photobucket to try to tame that bedhead.

Hanna attempting to teach Kaden the art of bouncing

see, like this?

bouncing makes me sleepy.

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