Wednesday, February 25, 2009

kaden the little owl....

kaden has started talking so much, and his new favorite sound is ooooooooooooooo sounding a lot like a little owl! my mommy adored owls so I like to think it's her telling him to make those sounds! this is a video of him in owl mode after his bath last's a little hard to hear as he is still finding his voice.


  1. Love this video!! And you KNOW how I feel about owls....:)

  2. Same here! I have collected them for years. My grandmother use to call herself "Wise Old Owl", which is WOO for short. Now everyone in my family works it into anything they can. When my mom opened a baby store, it was Wee Ones Only (WOO) :-) ANYWAY, I am rambling. Point is, I too believe she has said hi to me through them, just like your mom is to you!!

    SOOOOO fun to hear you and Chads voice. Jeff just came flying around the corner when I was playing it..."Is that Jenny and Chad?" :-) HE IS SO CUTE talking to you two. Good job guys!!