Monday, February 23, 2009

falling in love all over again...

Kaden FINALLY smiled. I was actually starting to feel concerned that he was just feeling bored with us, and was never going to show us any enthusiasm. The only hints of a smile we had seen so far were the teeniest hint of a smirk when he was sleeping and in dream mode. My frustration peaked when some smelly old lady at trader joes actually commented that my baby "had such a little sourpuss". I suppose he realized that he made us wait long enough and he gave us one of those melt your heart smiles and we fell madly in love with the little man all over again.


  1. You make the most beautiful, wonderful family.. there's so much love!!!! Thank you for finally starting a blog so we can all finally keep up with your wonderful journey!! xox

  2. That smelly old hen, I will kill her.

  3. But yes, like Lisa said, so much love! :-)

  4. with a smile like that...
    it was worth the anticipation & wait!
    i could eat his cheeks!
    so glad you're on the blog beat...i can check in everyday. kiss his face for me...