Sunday, January 22, 2012

lil bit nesting, lil bit mary poppins.

Kaden has been in love with Mary Poppins for some time now, but lately the scene with "Step in Time" has climbed ahead of supercalifragistic (which is also the name he has picked out for the baby coincidentally). We must have replayed the scene for two full hours with him perfecting his choreography juuuuust right!

my favorite kadenisms this week...

*hey mommy, where's babe? (referring to daddy, not the pig)

*mommy, when I get home, let's put on our jammies and make a smoothie and sit and look out the window. (1pm on a sunday, love it.)

~We have been taking out all the baby stuff and getting some new stuff along the way...and kaden has been taking a big part in the nesting process. He had to try out everything with HIS "babies" first, just to be sure.

~his family portrait with his "babies".

~playing with my phone at naptime.


  1. omg, the family portrait :) methinks you need ME to take a real one for you very soon!!!! i'm serious!!! can i invite myself over sunday?! :)

  2. Cuuute! He looks so excited about being a big brother! :) and ommmgg! his lil dance is TOO cute!