Friday, September 16, 2011

little stomper

~kaden LOVES the Lion King and his new favorite song is Hakuna Matata. Well, this and Jingle Bells.

Last weekend (I know I'm behind on my updates), we went to the Italian Festival in Belmar and had so much fun! They had a grape stomping event for the kids, and I have always wanted to do that myself, so I thought I would try to live vicariously through my little one. Poor guy. I had no idea he would hate it so much. I myself, took one look and I definitely got over my desire to partake in any grape stomping in the future. Eeeewwwwww.

~kaden insisted on watching this flag throwing show three different times throughout the day.

~the amazing audrey!!! love her!

~what the....

~the face says it all.

~pure torture.

~the "little stomper" balloon slightly made him forget the trauma of the grape smooshing for a tiny moment.

and I had to do a litle update on chad's new hair. I am thinking of letting him help me out a bit with mine too! purple or green? hmmm....

The weather is finally starting to cool off a bit and is feeling like fall....yay for all things cozy! Kaden and Daddy were doing some daring moves on his bike at the park the other day... love his random jibberish at the end.

Next week I promise to be back with a real blog post and some linky love too!
Have a good weekend everyone!


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