Monday, September 5, 2011

goodbye mikey.

This weekend we said goodbye to our beloved Michael Meowgi. After Simon died, he lost all love and lust for life, stopped eating, cleaning himself, making those adorable cat screeching noises that I had become so accustommed to when he was hungry in the morning. He his under the bed 24/7, and his breathing started to get really labored. We took him to our incredible vet (seriously, she could NOT have been nicer during this whole situation), and she said he was having a really tough time breathing and it looked like it could have been kitty leukemia. It was a really hard decision to make, as we really didn't want to let him go for our own selfish reasons, but he appeared to be in an enormous amount of pain, and we couldn't watch him go through that anymore. Now he and Simon are together and are the coziest snuggle bunnies in kitty heaven.

~new bike. I get misty at this pic...he looks SO big!

Some of the latest random Kadenisms....

*kaden likes to scream "STOP" to the cars when we are looking both ways and crossing the street. Not sure where he gets this, but I find it hilarious every time.

*kaden and I shop a lot, but we rarely buy anything that is not of absolute necesity. I have this thing about entitlement in the kids I work with, and I am slightly militant about trying to dissuade him from having entitlement when he is older. Lately, whenever we are at a store, he asks random people to buy things for him. I am so mortified in the moment that it's hard to address it with him. Thankfully, people think it's hysterical. We now have pep talks before we go into a store about what NOT to say to people!

*while over at mamaw's house, kaden heard "this land is your land". Kaden was blown away by the part that says "from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters"....he said "How did they know my name?" teehee. Little does he know he was named after a beautiful, ginormous tree.

Kaden loves The Lion King, and even more he loves the chanting at the very beginning when they sing The Circle of Life. Here's his version....

Tonite we ventured out to the Taste of Colorado to see a free show of Boyz to Men. Good thing there were 1,000 other things to do there, because we couldn't squish by the zillion other people that were psyched to see them as well! Kaden loved the festival and we saw a lot of cool bands and had so much fun walking down 16th street mall afterward. We met up at Old Spaghetti Factory with Unk Bri and daddy and had a yummy spaghetti feast. Such a fun day.

playing in legoworld...I love legos. I think I love them as much as kaden.

~he was head over heels for this violin guy. The guy ROCKED!

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