Friday, July 1, 2011

two and a HALF!

~taking a break from drumming to model his new big boy undies gifted from Pammy.

This weekend is Kaden's Happy Two and a Half year birthday weekend, and to celebrate...we are doing potty training bootcamp! How exciting, huh? Up until now, we have been going very slow with potty training, and have just been waiting for him to get more comfortable with the whole idea, and I was feeling completely okay with the fact that it is a process and could take a while. Then the amazing Miss Linda, Kaden's daycare teacher, gave us a pep talk about potty training and shared that she feels he is bored there and ready to move up to the next age room with the "big boys". He of course, cannot do this until he is potty trained. I was skeptical about rushing things, but after dropping him off one morning and sizing up all the kids in his room, and the fact that he is the oldest and all of his friends have moved on, I was determined to try to get this thing done.

some favorites:

favorite pastime - drums. or anything that remotely looks like a drum.
favorite song - old dan tucker.
favorite show - yo gabba.
favorite food - chips or pirate booty (thanks aunt kerry!)
new favorite imaginary friend (actually his first!) "Gabba"

recent favorite kadenisms

~where santa been?
~mama please put a new shirt on. (whenever mama is wearing a tank top)
~mama,eat your veggies. (while waggin a finger at me.)
~kaden, what's your full name? "kaden monkey sausage redwood miller". he will tell everyone he meets this exact name. a little girl asked him his name last night and he took a deep breath and told her his "full" name.

So this weekend we started the 3 day potty training method. In a nutshell, you throw all the diapers away (uh yeah no, we kept them in a safe place where he can't see them), and have him wear his big boy underwear all the time, trying to pay attention to his cues and making sure you rush him to the potty when he looks like he may have to go. So far, it is quite a reality show in the making. Everytime he has an accident, he says "what was that", so I guess he is at least getting more used to the sensation...but anything more than that, well we shall see!

Even though, the training method says not to leave the house at all, we have been celebrating the holiday weekend in the evenings. Last night, we went down the street to see the fireworks, and they were kaden's first! It was an amazing display, you would have thought Pearl Jam had just performed at the way the crowd hooted and hollered when it was finished. Kaden had mixed feelings about them, he clapped for about 5 seconds when they finally got started, and then screamed that he wanted to go home. We put his headphones on since they were unbelievably loud, and I held him tight while we layed down in the grass watching them above us. He seemed to relax a little more and enjoy them, and then fell completely asleep, face down in the pillow. Hw woke up after the grand finale and said "that was fun and a little bit scary" (showing me lil bit with his fingers). Tonite we are going to kazz in the park and we are hopefully going to catch a glimpse of more fireworks over at Civic park. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!!

~our spot waiting for the fireworks to begin.

~his initial reaction.

~sound asleep.

~his new personal waterworld in the backyard. yep he's in his underwear, I didn't want to screw up the "process" by putting a little swimmie or suit on.


  1. hahaha omg. i love that he passes out during the loudest event ever. only a toddler, right?! he's so presh, i can't wait to bump him again! <3

  2. p.s. love his cool GAP undies. pammy is the best gift giver, eh?!