Sunday, July 17, 2011

*it a beautiful day*

~my little music man.

kaden has been saying this delicious phrase a lot lately, especially after these sweet long pauses where he gazes out the window sizing up what the world looks like. pure innocence and wonder.

This weekend we hit up Kidspree which is a ginormous festival just for kids and is free! It is held in Aurora every summer and it is ridiculous amounts of fun! We spent about 4 1/2 hours there in 100 degree temps, and I feel crazy overstimulated and in dire need of a nap. Kaden is a total sweaty betty and was pretty much delirious when we left. There were bouncy houses all over the place, pony rides, drums and a ton of musical instruments that the kids could play...kaden was so excited about the violin and demanded to hear violin music at the dinner table this evening.

~life size Candyland obstacle course....he loved this!

~making his debut on stage. she asked for volunteers and he said "mama I wanna go der", and up he went, for about 3 minutes...and then he ran off the stage laughing!

~he was incredibly smitten with this guy...we followed him all over the place for about 35 minutes.

~rockin out on his clarinet, which he insists is a guitar.

~anyone wanna join my drum circle?

~total popsicle weather.

~kaden and I had a jam session to The beatles "Let it Be"....this is him after jamming for an hour or so.


  1. I wonder where he gets his dramatic tendencies from??? Hmmmmm.....

  2. Omg, the picture of him looking at the giant tear with glasses is PERFECT! Sooo cute! Followed by MORE popsicle sweetness. He has the best life. And Denver ROCKS!