Saturday, May 28, 2011


~fountains remind me of how much fun summerime is!

We have been living in the Mile High City for a little over a year now, and it feels like just yesterday we arrived and began this crazy fun adventure! Now that summertime is back, and the city is bursting with such a vibrant and happy energy, all those feelings of falling in love come flooding back to me. I truly love everything about this beautiful city. In the summertime, so much of Denver, reminds me of Rochester, my hometown that we will be visiting in just a few weeks. That beautiful energy and days filled with so much to do, the air smells so yummy, all the festivals and events making the city come alive. I am ridiculously excited to go and experience it all with Kaden (and Chad too of course, though he will only be there for the end of the visit!). I cannot wait for him to be surrounded by so much love and for him to bond and play with his cousins. I can't wait to soak up all the love and enjoy simple pleasures with old friends and amazing family, a much needed getaway for us!

~playing at The Gaylord Festival near Wash Park this weekend.

~dancin to Yo Mama and Papas, such a fun children's band!

~My mom used to say *stinky mafucie* all the time when I was younger...and I had to teach it to kaden.

~No one can make him laugh quite like daddy. A little long, but toward the end he gets hysterical!

Weekend Linky Love!

I have talked before about my obsession with Pinterest here...It truly has inspired me in so many ways. It's completely like my morning coffee, it picks me up and gets me back in line when I need to get refocused! Here is a helpful Beginner's Guide to Pinterest for those of you are not sure where to start!

I love this article No one will play with me-Helping your child make friends. I see so many lonely kiddos in therapy, and I think you can never start too early helping them out with a little social skills!

I am so in love with bubbles. Must try this one day soon!

I've been thinking we so need a fun sandbox in our is a sweet tutorial for one, love the stripes and the umbrella!

all things foodie related....

Holiday weekends always make me think of yummy FOOD! We are spending the weekend gallavanting to some neighborhood music festivals and such, so we aren't really doing the picnic thing, but if we WERE, I would so make these yummy Baby Back BBQ Ribs!

I am dying to make this Copycat recipe of Beecher's Mac N Cheese!

I made these amazing Banana Muffins this week. I could have eaten all of them in one sitting, so yummy! Next time I have to try to make them with chocolate chips!

I am hoping to make this pretty Beet and white bean hummus later today, isn't it so pretty?

We decided to give Kale Chips another whirl...a co worker swears by them, and I thought maybe i did something wrong the first time. Heavy on the sea salt makes them super yummy. Kaden ate them right up!

and this yummy smelling Orange Chicken is in the crockpot right now for tonite. Not very memorial weekendish, but makes for a quick and easy meal for when we get home from the drum circle/festival that we are off to when nuggie wakes up!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


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