Sunday, May 1, 2011

a drummin we will go....

Thanks to Mamaw and Papaw, we went out last night for a much needed date night! Chad was more than ecstatic to hang out with Mamaw and Papaw for the evening, and Chad and I decided to check out a Rockies game. It was 75 degrees here all week, and of course on the night we decided to go, it snowed a wee bit and was FREEZING! It was SO much fun, and the energy downtown from the game was like nothing i have seen before. We had been to Dodger games in LA, in fact the last one we went to was 7 years ago when Chad got food poisoning from eating my hot dog that I had dropped on the ground. Good times. I love the fact that Denver is so into their team sports, even though I have never been a huge fan of sports myself. The energy and excitement of it all is thrilling to me, even if i have no clue what is going on in the game. We can't wait to take Kaden to a Rockies game later this summer, I know he will be so excited!

~huge tray of hot cocoa with a giant can of whipped cream to boot. It was chillllllly!

~the beers kept us warm.

~playing connect 4 at the bar next to our place after the Rockies game. Chad was completely blown away by my Connect 4 skills.

~chad and jenny date nights...not your typical run of the mill date night :)

~kaden jammin on daddy's drums in his monkey jammers outside.

A co worker where I work is really into drum therapy. He invited Kaden to come check out his Drum project in which he works with kids in urban areas and helps them cope with anger and feelings through the art of drumming. Chad took Kaden (I had to work, boohoo!) and Kaden could not stop talking about the drums. He absolutely loved it!

~my sweet boys rockin their flannels.


~kaden with his super BFF Cat in the Hat at Mamaw's school.

~helpin mamaw in the garden.

~kaden vroom vroomin on the four wheeler at Mamaw and Papaw's house.

I sent this link to a friend who is in the midst of planning a much anticipated wedding extravaganza. I love how hip and incredibly unique this wedding is!

This blog is one of my favorites, and how adorable is she and your precious little henry? I espcially am loving this Playlist that she made, so much wonderful ear candy.

Is there a teacher in your life that you want to recognize? This DIY kit is SO awesome, and would make an amazing gift for Teacher Appreciation Day.

I could spend hours on this site, definitely feeds my love for randomness!

Amazing post about helping your kids explore nature!

This trailer
gave me goosbumps, it looks visually amazing!

and I know I have been talking endlessly about all these daily deal websites, but if you were looking for a way to use that 20 dollar credit from Ruelala, they have Philosophy products right now till the end of the day on the site, and that makes them FREE! woohoo for free stuff!

And have I mentioned Heartsy before? I cannot talk enough about how sweet these deals are? They sell out fast, usually before noon, so it's best to check them out in the morning. So many incredible gifts for loved ones to be found here, or even a treat for yourself! Check for your daily emails here!

~This so makes me smile! Kaden loves all things rainbow. He finds them everywhere, even if it's just a reflection from a prism, and he will list all the colors!

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  1. LOVE that sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait to hang out with you in that awesome city... and fall in love with it all over again. oh, and you two are the cutest - date night. SQUISHES!