Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a whole new world

~chasing the pigeons outside of City Hall

I finally have a chance to sit down and write about everything that has transpired over the past two weeks. I have a glass of vino in one hand, and I'm enjoying the crazy beautiful snow falling outside. I'm sure most people are over snow come may, but we are simply loving every morsel. Ask us next year, and we may have a different answer. The past two weeks have been wonderfully exhausting, exciting and emotionally draining all wrapped up with a pretty bow! We are just now sitting back and processing all of our thoughts about the amazing friends we said our goodbyes to, and the promise of excitement over what lies ahead for all of us in our new home.

~snow fall on the tree outside our place

This move with our little man and two furbabies (let's not forget our sweet little fishies, Angel and Jose who sadly did NOT make the journey, they decided they were over it sometime after Vegas)was an absolute adventure! We had decided that Kaden and I would fly to Denver, as Kaden is not a huge fan of long car rides. Kaden absolutely adores airplanes, and i thought he would love the flight. I was wrong. For the first 20 minutes of the flight, he screamed in absolute terror, there was nothing I could do to soothe him. In fact, I started crying with him at one point. Thank goodness it was not a full flight, and we had the row in front of us, behind us, and the people next to us move away from my screaming child. We had a layover in Phoenix and as I held my breath for the second flight, my little man actually enjoyed himself and smiled and danced on my lap the whole way. Thank goodness! Back in LA, Chad's brother Brian came out to help with the tought part of the move. So thankful for Brian and all that he went through to help us get to our new home! The morning that they were getting ready to leave, little Simon escaped and went MIA for a little over two hours. Luckily, they found him and were off on their journey!

My Dad came out from NY to help us make the journey, and drove my car to Colorado. We absolutely loved having him with us, and he was a huge emotional support to me during those scary first few days in Colorado when I was thinking Whoa....did we just do this. We had already found an apartment online (I do not recommend this in the future for those moving somewhere new!)and I was a bit scared to see the place. On the inside, it is a cute little place, but my neighbors are some characters....on a MUCH different scale than those crazy characters you see in Los Angeles. Thank goodness for the beauty of a nine month lease, which is what we signed with this place.

~my dad riding in the backseat with Kaden and his super BFF "MO", gifted from Poppy.

We stayed with Mamaw and Papaw for the first week and were spoiled rotten with their incredible house, amazing views, and not to mention the wonderful company! Kaden starting eating like an absolute horse while we were there, and so far, he hasn't stopped eating pretty much everything in sight. Mamaw explained that it has something to do with the altitude, that most people eat more and sleep more. The first part is definitely true, the latter not so much for our little guy.

Our first night in our new place, Chad had a horrible pain under his eye that steadily got worse as the night went on. Chad has been through so much with his health in the ten years I have known him, and I could tell this was no little pain for him. He decided he wanted to go to the hospital and we got ready to wake Kaden up to take him to the ER. We didn't know exactly where we lived, let alone where the nearest hospital was, and had no internet connection to find one. It was past midnite and we didn't want to disturb anyone, so we called 911 and asked them for directions to the nearest hopsital. They did a CAT scan and found that Chad had fluid in his sinuses and that hopefully within a few days it would drain. They loaded him up on crazy meds and sent us on our way, but not after Kaden made friends with several homeless people waiting for friends in the ER waiting room. That little guy makes friends with everyone!

~furbabies keeping each other company on top of their condo

We have been enjoying being tourists in our new city, and look forward to all our the adventures to come. Colorado is so difficult to explain. It truly is one of the most beautiful places I have ever come across....the sky is unlike anything you will find anywhere. Even when it is cold here, it doesn't feel like REAL cold, just a little on the chilly side. I feel so lucky to call this place home, and I can't wait for what's around the bend.

~so can rent bikes from these little help yourself bike booths.

~first sip out of a water crazy you can actually drink the tap water here, and it's yummy.

~sliding down the "bacon slide" with a helping hand from daddy

~playing with some new friends in cherry creek mall


  1. Yay! Congratulations and Best Wishes to you and your little family!! I'm jealous of your new destination - it sounds REALLY beautiful and very family friendly - love those bikes and the mall - how fun is that play area!? Kaden is looking as cute as ever and I think he's going to like it there! ...he seems to be a big fan of bacon slides. :) Sorry to hear about Chad's eye, but happy that it sounds easily fixable. Good luck to you all as you continue to settle in! xoxoxox

  2. aaahhhhhhhh!!!! whatever, i can't believe your in my old stomping ground!! i'm looking at familiar things -- hello! cherry creek mall?! always shopped there and i knew kaden would dig the floor breakfast! colorado mills mall is fun for kids too and it's a beautiful drive... head on up to lookout mountain some day too -- it's not too far from that mall. be prepared to have your breath taken away! oh my god, i got so teary-eyed reading this! you are SO right about the sky, there is NOTHING like it!! breathe it in for me... mmm, i can't wait for a visit!

    so glad you are settling in and found a temporary lease! best of luck to you miss jenny, i'm SO excited for this new step in your life! makes me miss it sooooo much more though HAHA! *hugs*

  3. I'm a little teary! I wish we still lived there so you could have a friend ready to show you everything. I know your inlaws are taking good care of you but it's nice to have a friend, too. Just keep taking deep breaths and enjoy it.

    Now that I'm writing this I looked up at Audrey's comments and realized that we were saying and feeling the same things!

    You're doing GREAT, Jenny! It'll all fall into place. Just keep breathing. :)