Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 16 months Kaden!

Dear Kaden,

Today was a rough start to your birthday. This morning, at your usual wake up time (5am, don't you think 6am might be a little more civilized? Let's work on that buddy!), you decided that you did not want to wait for mommy to roll over and come get you, you dove out of the crib onto the hardwood floor, and mommy just about had a heart attack. Thankfully you were not hurt, but mommy has never been SO excited to move into a place that has CARPETS! Let's try to save the daredevil stunts until you are a wee bit older, k buddy?

This past month you truly became a little boy, and mommy has been struggling to remember what it was like when you were just a baby! It seems so long ago now. You are such a compassionate little man, so tender and sweet with others. You absolutely love to hug and blow kisses to just about anyone, even random strangers at Target are lucky to get a kiss and a wave from you.

You are a little explorer. Walking has made you want to go on mini adventures everywhere that you go. The little pitter patter of your footsteps is a sound I will treasure. We bought you your first pair of walking shoes mid-march, and now it is May 1st and you have already outgrown them! You have these precious little chubbo feet that just keep growing and growing! You love to dance and your favorite song of the moment is If You're Happy And You Know it, Barney style. Stomping your feet gets you every time. You are so excited that you have learned about where your NOSE is and you love to point it out and say "Nooooooooose". It's ridiculously sweet. You are mastering eyes and nose at the moment.

You absolutely LOVE going to the park. The park near our house has a basketball court, and your favorite thing is to try to sneak onto the court and grab one of the balls. You could watch the big boys playing's like you're studying their techniques! You also just mastered the go down all by yourself! You are so sweet with your friends....tonight your buddy Dreyvin came over with Shyla and Aunt Vicky to say goodbyes, and you would not stop hugging Dreyvin. If you were'nt hugging him you were following him around, right on his heels (pics below!).

On Monday we are taking a very big leap, and beginning our new chapter in Colorado! There are always going to be those times in your life, when you are making big transitions or changes, and you start to feel scared or anxious...just keep hangin on. Change is essential to growth. Without a doubt, I know you will love it there, and be SO happy, but I am having a hard time swallowing how scary the adjustment phase might be! At times it will be difficult, but I know that it is going to work out. You are the bravest person I know, and truly my inspiration. We are just going to have to all hold hands, and take a big LEAP! one, two, three...set...GO!

I love you!
your mommy

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