Tuesday, December 6, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

It truly is. We have been Christmas-ing it hard over the past week and definitely getting in the spirit of things. It is ridiculously cold outside, there is a ton of snow, and I'm starting to think that my theory about denver winters being so mild and amazing is maybe so not right on the mark. In any case, it makes for fun playing in the snow, which don't get me wrong, I'm STILL loving. No burnout on the snow just yet for this mama!

I had a lot to say when I started writing this post, but after not feeling well for the past few days, I figure I better just post this before Christmas passes us right by...

~you wish you had a fake fireplace too doncha?

The parade of lights is my favorite new holiday tradition! We went last year, and we were so excited to go again this year. It was a bit chilly, but still so much fun! Thanks to Chad, we had the sweetest spot and an awesome view of the parade!

~the City and County building all lit up...so purdy!

Celebrating Daddy's birthday before heading out to the Parade of Lights...

After getting the most amazing care package from my incredibly thoughtful brother and sister in law, Kaden is pinchin his pennies to get back to NY to see his cousins. My brother made me an awesome photo book from our visit this past June, and Kaden wants to read it at least 6 times a day. He also loves these pics that all of the kids drew for him, he has them posted right next to his bed. The other day, he woke up and went straight to the computer....when I asked him what he was doing, he said "talkin to my cousins".

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and all of the festivities!

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