Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy 15 Months Kaden!

Dear Kaden,

As Mommy loves to say to you, "How big is Kaden"....and your arms shoot straight up in the air, you are SOOOOOO BIG! I say it every month, but it is amazing to see you grow, and to grow so FAST! It seems more apparent with each passing day that you are no longer a baby. Last month you took a few little steps, and then you went back to crawling instantly. It was like you were completely not interested in the whole walking thing at all! I really think you were storing up some energy knowing that once you started, you would not stop. And that is exactly what happened! You took off and just kept on going! At first you would walk while flapping your hands at the same time, like a little bird. Now you are a multi-tasker and you can drink water, bounce a ball, and even attack the cats.

You make friends wherever you go....people just love to be around you. You love your independence but you absolutely love to make others laugh. You are super affectionate and love to give hugs and blow kisses. Lately, I've even noticed you are starting to get in touch with your imagination! Today you fed me some soup with a sandbox shovel and bucket. You looked so proud! You also love to point out where your nose is, and once in a while other noses too. You absolutely love to have your feet rubbed, (just like your mama)and it is one of the few ways that I can soothe you on an annoying car ride, besides a really animated version of Old McDonald of course. You have about 10 teeth now and 2 are humungous molars that are fiercely trying to cut through your poor little gums. You are such a tough cookie. You let us know when it is bothering you, and then seconds later you are giggling that fabulous little giggle of yours!

Your favorite toys are big boy toys....those would be daddy's guitar, daddy's bass and some of daddy's drums that he brought home for the first are incredibly smitten with those! You are something else Kaden! I know that babies are a product of their environment, but you have something very special that we didn't teach you.

~looking a little like a mini gene hackman with that crazy hair of yours

~so loving your triangle

In one month we will be moving to Colorado! I'm nervous and excited, and overjoyed that you are going to be around so many people that love you. Because of this move, mommy is working like a madwoman, and this blog entry isn't going to be super long, as I'm falling asleep at the computer typing this.

I love you Kaden!
your mommy


  1. ohhhhh jenny jenny jenny. your notes to kaden always make me tear up a bit! i love this -- "you have something very special that we didn't teach you." aahhh!! that gives me chills all over and i just find it amazing. his hippie hair will fit in just perfect in denvah! omg, i'm so excited for you miss jenny!!!!!

  2. p.s. have chad pat you on the back and vice versa because HELL YES babies are a product of their environment and my goodness man, you guys are some kickass parents!!!! anddontyouforgetit!!!! ;o)