Monday, August 10, 2009

you are my sunshine

This weekend was filled with beautiful days and relaxing moments in the park with the little man! Kaden loves to be outside, he gets this incredibly content look on his little face and just seems so at peace. We discovered that the park just up the street from us has a little swing for him, and it is under the big shady trees! He also LOVES trees, loves to be up on daddy's shoulders and staring up at the wonder and beauty of the giant plants. But of course he is going to "get" the wonder of trees, he is named after the most majestic tree there is!

Kaden is so smitten with the kitties. Simon is sometimes curious about him too, but lately Kaden likes to grab him really hard, and Simon kind of gives him a little kick with his foot. His front paws are declawed, but his back are not, so it scares the hell out of me when he does it! I try to model for Kaden how to be gentle with them, but I know he just loves them so much he can't help himself! Kaden was nuzzling next to Simon and Michael on the bed, shaking his head back and forth because he was so insanely happy, and then i started taking this video a little too miss the fun part where kaden is just out of his mind with happiness, but you can see that simon is not super happy about it!

Have a fabulous Monday everybody!!!


  1. Jenny I almost died of laughter at this video, especially at the end where you go "shit!" Simon's so cool with Kaden! I bet he would have let him put his bunnyfoot in his mouth! Even at the end, it seems like he's just trying to "play" with the baby.

  2. I agree! Love the video and Simon's big fully paw to the face. Kaden is probably thinking these are the BEST "stuffed animals" he owns! And, love the pics at the park!!

  3. look at that head of hair growing in! LOVE the content face in the swing!! he is a thinker..good stuff! he is full of musical talent fun to watch ;)